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​Duet Session (60 min)

Single Session


Monthly (2 days per week)


Monthly (3 days per week)


Unlimited Monthly




Single Session (Drop-In)


Weekly Unlimited


Unlimited Monthly


Signature Classes


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An introductory session is the required first session before scheduling reoccurring appointments. During this session, I assess your fitness level and performance ability. It also creates a space and time for you to ask any questions as it relates to Pilates and Pilates Reformer.

Private sessions

A private session provides hands on, individual training with an instructor. Students use Pilates equipment and incorporate mat work into their session. Private sessions are strongly recommended for beginners, anyone with injury, and for those looking for an intensive, personalized experience. We strive to ensure that each session addresses your individual goals and needs.


In a duet session, the instructor works with two students together. Students use Pilates equipment and incorporate mat work into their session. It is tailored to meet the students' individual needs and share the cost with partners. We can help you find a partner who is appropriate to your level or you can share the experience with a friend. Students must feel comfortable working self-sufficiently and be approved by the instructor; Synergy believes in quality not quantity.


​Synergy will provide clients with an in-depth nutritional consultation and wellness evaluation. The client will be given a specific and personal health program containing educational information that will help them achieve optimum health. 

Initial consultations are an hour long to allow a thorough assessment of your state of health, your concerns and your goals. During your initial visit, you and your consultant will develop a personalized profile and strategy to help you attain your health goals. All consultations consist of body composition analysis, nutritional assessment, lifestyle analysis, stress rating and eating evaluation. A meal plan is forwarded to clients about 48 hours after the session.

Synergy suggests a follow up session to keep track of your status and review the goals. Continuous counseling and monitoring is available to clients via phone call or email to monitor your progress. Our office is available to our clients for questions or comments about their program or personal herbal/nutritional needs. Follow up office visits are recommended after the initial visit until health goal is achieved. Follow up consultations allow us to track your progress and fine-tune your nutritional program.

Nutrition & Wellness services


Nutrition Consultation (New Client) $75

Nutrition Consultation (Follow Up) $40

Nutrition Online Counseling (Weekly) $35

Ongoing Nutrition Counseling (Monthly) $125

Nutrition Workshops & Cooking Demonstrations $25-65

Body Composition Analysis & Fitness Assessment (New Client) $50

Body Composition Analysis & Fitness Assessment (Follow Up) $35

Micronutrient Testing & Analysis $50

Meal Prep (meat only) Service Fee $25 (plus cost of meat)

Meal Prep 3-Days Service Fee $50 (plus cost of groceries)

Meal Prep 5-Days Service Fee $75 (plus cost of groceries)


Ionic Foot Detox $40

(30 min service)

Infrared Heat Sauna Detox Therapy $50

(20 min service)

Muscle Stimulation & Recovery Therapy $50

(20 min service)

Body Detoxifying Wrap Therapy $50

(30 min service)

Himalayan Salt Detoxifying Therapy $25

(20 min service)

Massage Therapy (varies)
Reiki Cleansing Therapy (varies)

pilates reformer

private session (30 min)

Single Session


Monthly (2 days per week)


Monthly (3 days per week)


Unlimited Monthly


pilates reformer

private session (60 MIN)

Single Session


Monthly (2 days per week)


Monthly (3 days per week)


Unlimited Monthly